101 Collins St High Rise
Commercial Building Lighting Upgrade

In 2018, Brolec were engaged by high rise building, 101 Collins St, to undertake a major lighting upgrade to the spire of the building 256 meters above the ground, making it a first of its kind in the Melbourne city skylight.
Being one of Melbourne’s most prestigious and tallest buildings, Brolec knew this light and power installation would be challenging and highly rewarding project for the team and the city of Melbourne.

Brolec's 2019 NECA Award

Brolec's 2019 NECA Award

On Friday 16th of August 2019 at the Crown Palladium, Brolec Pty Ltd were awarded a prestigious NECA Excellence Award for the 101 Collins Lighting installation which is now a crown jewel in Melbourne’s night cityscape. Watch the above video of the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) presentation, award speech and backstage interview.

Watch the worldclass display

Installing a Lighting System on a Communications Tower

With over 500 lighting fixtures spanning 600m around the complex communications tower structure, top platforms and overhanging buttresses with varying sizes and shapes, Brolec undertook this project over a fast-paced 3 month period throughout Winter, as well as keeping it under wraps, meeting the client deadline for their grand opening show on 24th October 2018.

Custom Designed Lighting and Power Upgrade

Brolec worked closely with lighting suppliers, consultants and engineers to ensure this high rise building lighting install could withstand the extreme exposure to the weather elements 260m (853ft) above ground level.

Custom made stainless steel bracketry were engineered and manufactured to avoid any interruptions to the RF signals to the communications tower. This was one of many critical elements to the project identified by Brolec and the client. Failure to acknowledge this would have interfered with some of Melbourne’s crucial communication network services.

Working with some of the most advanced lighting systems in the world

The 101 Collins street building has undergone a major transformation with the existing external facade lighting upgraded to the latest technology in building beautification available to date. The system is now capable of having every small segment of light individually programmable giving the ability to create and transform the appearance of the building through the use of various effects and shows

This sophisticated lighting control system takes advantage of the Philips Activesite system which is constantly providing feedback to the client s maintenance team reporting its state, health of fixtures, temperatures and any unlikely issues. If a fitting needed replacement after years of service the new fixture can be automatically tuned down to operate in consistency to the fellow fixtures lifecycle, this eliminates hot spots and keeps the system looking seamless from end to end. Better yet it can be accessed onsite or offsite simply by logging into the client portal from any device.

Brolec has installed a system that is not only changed the buildings aesthetics and feel but also offers a significant reduction in service requirements by creating one of the most efficient lighting control & power system installations in the world.

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